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Used by a non-native English speaker to sell his digital products and services to his English-speaking audience from a country most can't place on the map.

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If you’re active on social media, you’ve probably noticed influencers and creators with millions of followers earning big bucks.

But what about those who don't have millions of followers but have valuable expertise?

That’s what I, originally from the Dominican Republic and a non-native English speaker, set out to understand…

So I won’t keep you waiting…

Here’s a system, or “blueprint”, designed for anyone – even those with a smaller audience – to profit from their knowledge.

So you can:

Create irresistible content without breaking a sweat, attracting your ideal audience and turning them into loyal customers

Launch a successful newsletter that strengthens your brand and deepens relationships with your audience

Develop a consistent writing habit that keeps your content fresh, engaging, and always relevant to your niche​

Leverage cutting-edge technology like ChatGPT to create original content effortlessly

Stop feeling concerned about the future and economical turmoils

Post content you enjoy creating.

Start selling your knowledge and skills to generate new income streams

Earn a reliable income from any place in the world

Discover different ways to monetize your expertise without getting overwhelmed

Seems unbelievable, right?

But these are not just promises. They’re achievable DESTINATIONS.

Destinations I’ll been guiding you towards in my exclusive HyperGrowth Inner Circle – which is now open for YOU.

"I was able to double all of last year revenue in the first three months of this year."

Let me introduce you to John Constas.

John is a fitness coach.

He had been posting content on Twitter for around a year, but was struggling to monetize his audience.

After one month of coaching:

✅ He fixed his offer

✅ Got an influx of new leads through social media thanks to the marketing campaign we created

✅Increased his sales exponentially.

Currently, he’s making a 5-figure a month income.

“Working with Jose has been a godsent. When you’re starting a business there’s so many things you need to know, so many things you need to learn about. The beauty of Jose’s program is that I was really able to take that information and with it I was able to double all of last year revenue in the first three months of this year.”

John Constas

Founder, SleepBetta

My name is Jose Rosado.

Husband and father, living and working in the Dominican Republic

My story isn’t about overnight success.

Originally from the Dominican Republic, I grappled with a significant language challenge.

Although English isn’t my first language, my determination led me break into social media and make my first dollar online.

In 2018, I used Google Translate to get the English right…

I’m not a native English speaker.

I didn’t have access to online payment processors like Stripe.

Despite these “limitations,” my piggy bank is thicc – bordering diabetes. My loved ones are taken care of, living comfortable lives, with enough financial certainty to enjoy life and save for the future.

In November 2018, when I first showed up online, I didn’t know what to write about nor where to start.

Back then, I wrote all my content in Spanish and used Google Translate to get the English right.


If you think writing is hard when you barely speak the language… try selling in a second language!

Just a month after I started, I gained a few followers.

That’s when I realized…

It’s the IDEAS that mattered.

Jump to February 2019: Pregnant wife and all, I quit my job

Back then I was making $2,000/mo as a full-time web designer in my home country, the Dominican Republic.

And I remember telling very pregnant wife, “sit down, I’ve got something to tell you.”

And then proceeded to tell her I wanted to quit my job.

This decision paid off.

That year I had my first $100K year!

Then, in November 2021, I almost matched my prior year’s total earnings, just from course sales.

The turning point?

That month, I chose to systematize my process.

Now, I've refined my system… Allowing me to serve my clients and students in a much faster way.

Here are some results I’ve gotten for my clients:

My story isn't just about figures but about grit, determination, and, above all, systemizing the process.

Let me show you what some of my students have say about about me

Now, let me introduce you to…



Inner Circle

Get instant access to the HyperGrowth Inner Circle, with over $1,500 of value of premium courses, templates, and guides about social media marketing, online writing, and productivity.

Imagine this

You’re a creator trying to tame all those complex and chaotic marketing tactics, and bringing order to the madness.

Then a simple system rolls out a seamless plan to put every element in its rightful place…

…ensuring faster profitability from your online brand…

❌ NO overwhelming tech setups…

❌ NO endless hours of brainstorming…

❌ …and NO MORE frustrating moments of doubt about your product launch success…

And even if you haven’t made a single dollar from your online brand yet, my simple strategies act as your guiding compass.

Leading you to a faster path.

That’s what countless others are already experiencing.

What's Inside

Get instant access to the HyperGrowth Inner Circle, with over $1,500 values of premium courses, templates, and guides about social media marketing, online writing, and productivity.

✅ 3 videos courses that provide you with an easy to use step-by-step process.

✅ Worksheets and templates you need to create and sell your products.

✅ Access to the members-only community

✅ Feedback on your micro products and digital product business strategy

✅ 1 x LIVE weekly coaching & Q&A session with our content coach

✅ 1 x LIVE workshop with Jose Rosado

✅ Plus bonus trainings on how to use the tools to accelerate success

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Private Community

Exchange ideas, ask questions, and network with fellow solopreneurs building their online businesses.

What You'll Learn:

✅ Real-Time communication with an Inner Circle of like-minded people

✅ Get practical advice directly from our coaches

✅ Establish an accountability group with people, who like you, are on the path of building endless business opportunities.

“In a short time, I made over $5000 in profits with my social media following.”

Zaid K. Dahhal

Wellness Coach

Instant Access​

Weekly Live Training

Attend non-improvised, pre-planned live training sessions covering a wide range of topics crucial for your online business growth.

What You'll Learn:

Live calls with Jose Rosado every Wednesday at 12PM EST.

Can’t join?

All calls are recorded.

“These strategies have kicked my business into a new gear—in fact, with Jose’s help I’ve closed over $10,000 worth of deals in the past 4 weeks.”

Joey Doughty

Productivity Coach

Instant Access​


Get instant access to our valuable library of past-recordings such as “Copywriting For Solopreneurs,” “How To Think About Funnels,” and “Create Content That Sells.”

What You'll Learn:

✅ Copywriting for solopreneurs

✅ Productivity for creators

✅ How to craft the perfect bio

✅ Create content that sells

✅ Ultimate content creation strategy

But wait... there's more!

When you join the HyperGrowth Inner Circle today, you'll also receive these FIVE game-changing bonuses:

Bonus Course #1

Content Science​

Discover how to create captivating content effortlessly, making your online business stand out in the crowded market.

What You'll Learn:

✅ Simplest way to decide where you’ll post your content

✅ How to pick your main topic right from the start

✅ How to think about content so you never run out of ideas

✅ What people actually want – so you can give it to them

✅ The only market research strategy you’ll ever need

“I was doing a lot of unnecessary grunt work which was causing stress throughout the day and also I was struggling to increase my revenue. He helped create clarity on how to reduce that unnecessary grunt work and I already saw a return of investment. On the 2nd and 3rd month I’m closing $5K–$6K more per month than I was initially.

Ethan Buck

Fitness Coach

Bonus Course #2

Daily Writer​

Nobody is more dangerous in today’s economy than someone with great ideas who knows how to get attention and convey their values in a clear way through writing.

What You'll Learn:

✅ How to develop the habit of writing without breaking a sweat

✅ Simple hacks to stick to your writing goals

✅ How to develop the mindset of writing every day

✅ A rare trick to force yourself into writing even if you don’t feel like it

✅ Best strategies to attain god-like focus

✅ 9 powerful tips to set your writing habit with ease

“The best example of easy, quick actionable advice Jose passed me was something small he passed me around the launch of my recipe book—and I would say taking this piece of advice has made me probably over $12,000 and continues making me $2000 per month.

Alex Feinberg

Wellness Coach

Bonus Course #3

Newsletter FastLaunch

Get a detailed roadmap to launching your newsletter in record time and growing a thriving audience.

What You'll Learn:

✅ The ultimate email secrets to turn subscribers into obsessed fans

✅ The best email marketing tool I’ve ever used

✅ How often should you send email to your list

✅ The exact strategies to get your first 100–500 subscribers

✅ How to never run out of ideas (what to say in your emails)

✅ The shortcuts to write emails 2x faster

✅ How often should you sell in your emails

Bonus Course #4

Digital Product Cash Run

Learn the ins and outs of starting a successful digital product business that creates passive income streams.

What You'll Learn:

✅ Have access to online training that will give you the blueprint to turn your knowledge into Digital Assets that make you money while you’re sleeping.

✅ You’ll get 10 video tutorials on how to plan and create your new digital assets.

✅ How to create a digital product that monetizes your knowledge and expertise

Bonus Course #4

ChatGPT Content Matrix

Unlock the secrets of using cutting-edge AI like ChatGPT to create unique, engaging content for your online business effortlessly.

What You'll Learn:

✅ How to use ChatGPT to ideate.

✅ Prompts I use to write hooks and change the text’s tone.

✅ How to create highly engaging posts that actually sound like you.

That's Not All – You'll Also Get These Bonuses

Creator Roadmap: 30-Day Content Creation Challenge

Exclusive bonus content prompts

Sometimes, you just need a few prompts to get started. That’s why I’m giving you 30 days of content ideas that will save you hours of thinking about what to post next.

Value: $44

Great Hooks For Twitter Threads​

Exclusive bonus hook templates

Double your retweets and get more likes with these 100 templates for Twitter Threads.

Value: $98

Viral Hooks For Videos

Exclusive bonus hook videos

Easily grab people’s attention using one of these proven 100 hooks for videos.

Value: $98

7-Pillar Productivity System

Exclusive bonus ebook

A productivity system to help you increase you income while working 2 to 4 hours a day.

Value: $44

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Monthly trainings

New Content

Your Instructor

I’m a marketing firm owner and entrepreneur.

I went from translating my writing from Spanish to English to running a multi-six-figure marketing firm.

Today I also coach people on how they can use their writing skills to grow their businesses and spend less time working in their business, and more time working on their business.

Here's how you get access right NOW:

So if you’re ready to transform your solopreneur efforts and achieve phenomenal online business success, then join the HyperGrowth Inner Circle today.

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Do I need a massive following to make this work?

No, you don’t. Take Joseph Oliver as an example.

He signed 3 clients when he only had 1000 followers.

Do you offer any kind of guarantee?


You’ll learn the systems that have helped me, and my students reach the next level with our online businesses — that’s a guarantee

All that said, you need to put in the work because success is in your hands.

We know that our techniques and tactics work, but we cannot guarantee they’ll work for everyone.

And anyone who tells you otherwise is not taking you seriously.

Why is this so affordable?

I made this affordable to make it easier for you to make the decision to join. But it will not stay at this price for long. The price will go up every month of 2022.

How long will it take me to get results?

Depends on your background, skills, and your commitment to succeed.

Some students find success in days, others in weeks, others in months.

Nobody can’t put a time or date on this.

Are there any hidden fees?

No. You pay a monthly fee, as advertised on this page.

How involved will Jose be with the Live Sessions?

Jose will be hosting a monthly live session. Our content coach will host our weekly calls.

Here's how you get access right NOW:

So if you’re ready to transform your solopreneur efforts and achieve phenomenal online business success, then join the HyperGrowth Inner Circle today.

Here’t what to do:

1/ Pick one of the options below

2/ Click the button

3/ Make the payment

4/ Check your email for instruction how to join.

Option One:

Yearly Pass

Join and you’ll keep the guides and templates forever.

Option Two:

Monthly Installments